Money Math

Lessons, Problems and Exercises


Use our printable worksheets and math lessons to provide an interesting way to teach and reinforce basic math skills while teaching money concepts.

Practice money math problems and exercises including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percents and percentages, fractions, decimals, estimation, and rounding. Also practice with coins and calculator usage.

See below for more teaching categories with advanced consumer math based lessons.

Basic Money Math Lessons


Change Math

Practice adding and subtracting money. Focus on decimals, and amounts under $1.00



Coin Math

Students practice counting and adding or subtracting coins. Includes many different selections of coin types and number of coins that you may configure and select. Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters.



Estimating Sums of Money

Students will learn to estimate sums of money, and practice these skills in their independent work.

Estimating Differences with Money

Students will learn to estimate differences with money amounts, and review what it means to estimate.




Basic Math: Addition & Subtraction Lesson

Students learn how to add and subtract numbers using various techniques.


Basic Division: Dividing Whole Numbers

Students learn to divide whole numbers evenly, and with remainders. Long division.


Basic Multiplication: Multiplying Whole Numbers

Learn how to multiply whole numbers, including 2 and more digits. Multiplication definitions.


Factoring Numbers

Understand how to find the factors of a number.


Introduction to Fractions

Understand the basic components and concepts of fractions.


Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Understand how to multiply and divide fractions.


Decimal Fractions Introduction

Understand the basics of decimal fractions, including related money transactions.


Decimals - Multiplying and Dividing

How to multiply, divide, and convert decimals to fractions.


Adding and Subtracting Fractions

How to add and subtract fractions.



Understand percent and how to calculate percent.


Ratio and Proportion

Understand the concepts of ratio and proportion.





Money and Division Lesson Plan

An introductory lesson plan for teaching and learning whole number division using money.  Includes printable division lesson worksheet.  Part two of this lesson includes remainders.




Money Values

How many dollars, quarters, nickels, dimes, or pennies equals a given amount? Place value identification.




Number Series

Practice filling in the missing number of a series.  Choose a basic worksheet, or create your own worksheet.  Series may increase by one (1,2,3), or by any other amount, for example by 5's (5,10,15), etc


Money Place Values WorksheetMONEY PLACE VALUES


Money Place Values

Fill in the place value units.  Place value identification exercises.




Coin Combinations

Identify how many coins equals a given dollar amount.


Multiple Coin Combinations Lesson MULTIPLE COMBINATIONS


Multiple Coin Combinations

Students identify different coin combinations that equal the same amount.  For example, identify two different ways to make change for a dollar.


Money Fractions Worksheet Lesson Plan MONEY FRACTIONS


Money Fractions Matching

Practice identifying coins and matching to the respective fractions. Choose to either match coins to fractions, or write fraction amount.


Numeric Comparison Worksheet Lesson Plan NUMERIC COMPARISON


Numeric Comparison

Practice comparing numeric money amounts. For students who has moved past coins and are learning to compare decimals and money amounts.


Money Percentages Math Worksheet Lesson Plan MONEY PERCENTAGES


Money Percentages

Practice identifying coins and their respective percentage.  This is an early skills, basic worksheet with coins to help teach the money and percentages relationship. Choose to either match coins to percent, or write percentages amount.


Money Greater Than Less Than Lesson GREATER THAN - LESS THAN


Money Greater and Less Than

Practice comparing money with the greater than and less than symbol.  Choose a basic worksheet, or create your own worksheet.  Series may increase by one (1,2,3), or by any other amount, for example by 5's (5,10,15), etc.




Practice money addition worksheets. Basic money addition and adding money.

Money Addition ($10 Max) tens

Money Addition ($100 Max) hundreds

Money Addition ($1000 Max) thousands

Money Addition ($10,000 Max) ten-thousands

Money Addition ($1,000,000 Max) millions

Money Addition ($10,000,000 Max) ten-millions




Practice money subtraction worksheets. Basic money subtraction and subtracting money.

Money Subtraction ($10 Max)

Money Subtraction ($100 Max)

Money Subtraction ($1000 Max)

Money Subtraction ($10,000 Max)

Money Subtraction ($1,000,000 Max)

Money Subtraction ($10,000,000 Max)




Dividing Money - Division

Basic practice worksheet of division of money. Decimal practice.  Create your own custom dividing money worksheets.




Money Puzzle - What Coins do They Have?

A coin puzzle worksheet.  Students must solve the money puzzle problems. Various amounts of coins and amounts are given.  Students must answer what coins might make up the combinations.




Calculating the Amount of a Discount

Students will learn to calculate the amount of a discount.

Calculating the Percent of a Discount

Students will learn to calculate the percent of a discount.

Calculating an Original Price

Students will learn to calculate an original number given a discount and a percentage.
Calculating a Sales Price

Students will learn to calculate a sales prices.

Calculating Sales Tax

Students will learn to calculate sales tax.

Calculating a Sales Markup

Students will learn about sales and marking up prices.

Calculating a Commission

Students will learn to calculate commissions.

Calculating Interest

Students will learn to calculate interest.

Calculating Principal

Students will learn to calculate principal, interest, rates, and time.

Calculating Percent of an Increase

Students will learn about the percent of an increase.

Understanding Interest

Students will learn to understand interest, rate, and principal.

Airfare Costs and Discounts

Use fractions to calculate discounts.

Cost Comparison and Unit Cost

Make cost comparisons using unit cost.

Discounts and Dividing by Rational Numbers

Learn to figure out discounts.

Discounts and Scalar Multiplication

Learn to use discounts with scalar multiplication.

Stock Market and Rational Numbers

Learn about rational numbers and the stock market.

Identifying a Percent of Increase or Decrease of Price

Learn to identify percent of increases and percent of decreases.

Percent of Decrease

Learn to find the percent of decrease.

Percent of Increase

Learn to find the percent of an increase.

Percent of Increase with Rounding

Learn to find the percent of an increase with rounding.

Sales Tax and Fractional Percents

Learn about sales tax.

Evaluating Expressions Involving Money

Learn to evaluate expressions involving money.

Figuring Costs Using Fractions

Learn to use fractions to figure out costs.

Multiplying Decimals and Calculating Costs

Learn to multiply decimals to calculate costs.

Writing Expressions Involving Money Amounts

Learn to write expressions using money amounts.

Writing Expressions with Different Money Amounts

Learn to write and evaluate expressions that have different money amounts.

Money Expressions with Two Operations

Learn to solve money problems with two or more operations.

Calculating Down Payments as a Fraction

Learn to calculate down payments using fractions.

Calculating Down Payments as a Percentage

Learn to calculate down payments using a percentage.

Word Problems with Down Payments

Students will begin to understand the topic of down payments.



Sale price - Calculate the price of one item  - answers


Rounding Money - Decimals


Some of these pages require Adobe PDF viewer for viewing, which may be downloaded for free. See our money worksheets page for more information.


Advanced Money Math: Consumer Math


Earning and SpendingCONSUMER MATH

Consumer Math - Earning and Spending Money

Worksheets focused on consumer math, earning and spending money skills. Students practice their spending money math skills by using these worksheets and lessons.  Spending money is an interesting topic to use while reinforcing students' basic math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and other skills such as reading comprehension.


Checks, Checking, Checkbook Lessons and WorksheetsCHECKBOOK MATH

Checkbook Math - Practice checkbook math skills.

Learn how to write a check, make checking account deposits and withdrawals, and manage and balance your checkbook with your monthly bank checking account statement.  Worksheets, lessons, and exercises are appropriate for both students involved in learning the basics about checking, as well as those looking to practice basic math (addition and subtraction) and problem solving skills.




Budgeting - Budgeting worksheets and lessons.

Use these printable budget worksheets and budgeting lessons to teach real life basic budget concepts, an important fundamental money math skill.  Budget lesson plans and worksheets for teaching budgeting math and consumer math skills.




Saving and Investing Money - Investing

Lessons and worksheets for teaching and understanding basic investing and financial concepts. Personal finance, Money management, Investment education resources.







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