Public Speaking

Public Speaking and Communication Skills Lessons and Worksheets


Teach and learn basic public speaking and related business communication principles.

Here students learn an introduction to public speaking and the various related terminology and vocabulary. Learn about its importance to business, making presentations, dealing with fear, and business communication.

In addition, we also have included informative public speaking and communication related articles.

Public Speaking and Communication Lessons



Making Effective Presentations

Students learn the importance of good presentation skills.  They also learn to focus their presentation, what to include in the presentation, how to keep the audience interested, and how to handle questions from the audience.




Importance of Public Speaking and Dealing with Fear

An introduction lesson plan on public speaking and dealing with fear and anxiety.

The Communication Process

Students identify the different elements of the communication process.


The Importance of Ethics
Students will understand the importance of ethics in public speaking and will be able to identify unethical and ethical behavior in other speakers.


Understanding Audience Psychology
Students will understand the psychology of the audience and how it can be used to make a speech more effective.


Word Choice, Imagery, and Rhythm
Students will identify effective examples of word choice, imagery, and repetition in speeches. Students will understand how to effectively incorporate these elements into their own speeches.


Communication Skills

Students will learn the importance of good communication skills, including written and verbal. Students will also learn effective listening skills, clarity, consistency, and other communication skills.


Principles of Effective Communication

Learn the basic principles of effective communication in business.




Effective Oral Communication Skills

An introduction to good oral communication skills and why they are essential.



Telephone Skills

Students will learn basic telephone skills including scheduling calls, appropriate greetings and endings, effective listening skills, gathering information, and phone etiquette.





Developing Good Listening Skills

Tips for developing better, effective listening skills.


Knowing What to Say and How to Say it

Improve your communication skills.


Using Email Effectively as a Communication Tool

It is incredibly important to remember some key etiquette rules when sending and receiving email.


Speaking with Value

How you communicate and the words you use can have an important impact on the way people perceive you.


Communicating Effectively in the Workplace

Information on how to communicate effectively in the workplace.


Basic Telephone Skills

Learn basic business telephone skills including scheduling calls, appropriate greetings and endings, listening skills, and etiquette.


Solving Problems in Business (and life)

When we have a problem in business or life, we often rush to solve it.  Here is a process for solving problems in business.


Conducting Effective Meetings at Work

Information on conducting effective meetings at work.




Careers, Work, Business Skills, Jobs

Helpful career, work, and business skills information. Advice and tips to help you with your own career and work skills.  Includes information on getting a job, writing resumes, job search, and interviewing.  Once you get a job, learn business skills such as writing business letters and public speaking.





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