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Information and resources on living a healthy life, including health information, diet advice, nutrition and fitness tips.  Also information on food and other related resources.


These resources are for informational and educational purposes only, and are not intended to take the place of a health expert or physician.







Smart Shopping Tips for Good Health
Smart grocery shopping is not only about saving money, but also about healthy food shopping.  Here are some tips to shop for health.


Eating Right - Healthy Eating Tips
In today's society, it may seem difficult to eat right consistently.  Here are some tips for eating right.
Tips to help you eat more healthy fruits and vegetables.


Understanding Essential Fatty Acids
Learn about essential fatty acids and why they are an important part of your diet.


Calcium and Iron - in the Body and in the Diet
Calcium is the most abundant macro-mineral in the human body.  Learn why it is important for you and your health. Iron is considered an essential mineral for the body, and for good health.


The New Food Pyramid
Information and guidelines on the new USDA Food Pyramid.


Hydration: The Importance of Water to our Bodies


Antioxidants - In your Food and in your Body

Learn about antioxidants and your health.Learn about the different types of tea and tea's health benefits.


Pitfalls of Crash Dieting

Information on the dangers of crash dieting.


Carbohydrates -- Why we need them and Which ones to Eat


Stay Young and Help Prevent Cancer with Vitamin C

Learn about the benefits of Vitamin C.


What's your Child Eating for Lunch?

Are your children eating what you pack them for lunch?


Why Fast Foods are so Successful

Why fast food marketing is so successful.


Why Fast Food is Dangerous to your Health

The dangers of fast food and your health.


A Well-Balanced Diet: Guide to Eating a Balanced Meal

A guide to having a well-balanced diet.


Raising Healthy Children

How to raise healthy children.


Money Paranoia

Unfounded money paranoia and hoarding is a sign of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


How to Keep a Clean Home and a Healthy Family

Information on keeping your home clean and healthy.



Starting and Maintaining an Exercise Program
Information on starting and maintaining an exercise program for good health.


Tips to Keep your Body and Mind Fit and Healthy While at Work or School

Tips for healthy living, maintaining a healthy weight, diet, and exercise.


Learn about yoga, which incorporates breathing and meditation.


Steps to Choosing a Fitness Facility that Works for You

A guide through the steps of finding and picking the right gym and workout center so that you will move toward a healthier future.


Childhood Obesity
Information on the childhood obesity crisis in the United States.



History and benefits of swimming.


Finding Time and the Benefits of Exercising

There are many benefits to regular exercise.Some time management techniques for finding the time to exercise.  


Facial Exercises:  Why Exercising your Face can be Good for You

Learn about the benefits of exercising your face.


Why Body-Weight Exercises are In

Body weight training information.


Exercise and Pregnancy

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy.


Successful Exercising at Home

A successful at-home exercise program that will keep you physically fit all year long, without ever leaving your home.


5 Fun Ways for Families to Keep in Shape Together

One way of getting your child away from the multi-media world and into a healthier environment is to get the whole family involved in activities that it can enjoy together.



Finding the Right Coach

If you are an athlete eager to improve, one of the best ways to accomplish your goals is to work with a coach.


Developing Mental Toughness

Every athlete encounters setbacks and times when things do not go exactly according to plan. How an athlete responds to these setbacks says a lot about their mental toughness.



Training for marathons, and marathon history.


Improving Concentration and Focus

The ability to concentrate is key to an athlete striving to reach peak performance.


Stress Management for Athletes

Everyone experiences stress. And that goes double for athletes.


Overcoming Fear

Following are some tips that will help you conquer fear.


Setting Goals in Sports

Setting goals is an integral part of any athletes growth experience.


Imagery and Visualization Can Improve Athletic Performance

More and more athletes are claiming that visualization and imagery can help them reach peak performance.



Effectively Balancing Stress and Emotions

Balancing stress and emotions. Managing stress information.


Stress on the Job: Understanding Work related Stress

Causes of stress on the job. Managing work stress and burnout.


Job Burn-Out: Have your Reached the Burnt-out Phase at Work?

Signs of job stress burn-out.



Good Personal Hygiene

Good hygiene is important in taking care of yourself physically and emotionally.


The Basics of Facial Care

Proper care of the face is an important part of a well-groomed and pleasant appearance.Discover your skin type to take proper care of your face. Advice on natural ways to treat acne.  Remedies and skin treatments.


Foot Care: Keeping your Feet Healthy

Information on keeping your feet healthy.


When Our Feet Hurt, We Hurt All Over

Some of the more common feet problems and what you can do to prevent or cure them.


Choosing Shoes for Healthy Feet

Information on choosing the right shoes for healthy feet.


Starting a Lifelong Habit: Dental Flossing

Information on flossing and keeping your teeth healthy.



How to get the Best Tan

Tanning information.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Information, symptoms, and prevention of STDs.


Heart Disease

Learn about heart disease, prevention, and symptoms.Learn about the heart, its anatomy, and how it functions.


The Sun and you Health

Sun and health information.


Acupressure to Help Everyday Aches and Pains

Help relieve pain and stress with acupressure.


Holistic Treatments after a Diagnosis of ADD/ADHD

Alternative treatments for attention deficit disorder.


Natural Therapies to turn your SAD days into Better days

Information on treating SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Hidden Truth about Bulimia

Learn about bulimia, and weight control.


Varicose Veins

Information on varicose veins including symptoms, causes, and treatments.


Cancer Prevention

Cancer prevention and proper exercise and diet.


How to know if you're Lactose Intolerant

Symptoms of being lactose intolerant and related treatments.


Sugar 101

Basic info on sugar. Sugar and your diet.


Weight Loss and Body Fat Ratio

Information on weight loss and body fat.


Weight Management:
Bi-Polar Problems

Information on weight management and bi-polar problems.


Weight-Related Problems: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Ways to help the overweight population problem.


What to Expect during Pregnancy and Childbirth

A general idea of what to expect during pregnancy and childbirth.


Menopause and What To Expect

What to expect during menopause, including symptoms and changes.


Eating Lo-Carb Meals

Information on lo-carb diets.


Preparing Low-Fat Desserts

How to prepare low-fat desserts for your family.


Why Are Immunizations Important?

Are immunizations still important?




An Overview of Permanent Health Insurance Coverage
Permanent health insurance provides you and your family with peace of mind and protection, providing access to an array of health services.  Here is an overview of what permanent health insurance provides.


Be your Own Best Friend when Buying Health Insurance
Whether you are self-employed, lost a job, got divorced, or otherwise, you are likely to be in the market for health insurance.  Here is some advice for shopping for health insurance. Finding and affording health insurance is a different challenge for the self-employed.  Here is some information on self-employed health insurance.

Types of Family Health Insurance
Information on the basic types of family health insurance.
Learn about temporary health insurance, which is available to those looking for health insurance for a short period of time.






Daily Nutritional Needs

When spending money at the grocery, one should keep in mind their daily nutritional needs.  With this lesson, students' practice their understanding of nutrition.


Cooking with Recipes Lesson

A lesson on cooking with recipes and learning how to convert servings.


Other Consumer math lessons
Worksheets and Lessons on consumer math. Students practice their spending money skills by using these spending money worksheets and lessons. Learn consumer math skills.








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