Study Tips for Students:
Time Management and Studying

Time management is an important role for students of all ages. From studying for school to being an adult and working at a job, time management skills are essential to becoming successful in any profession. It has been proven, those who manage their time well whether in school, work, or exercise, get many tasks done without fail. Effectively prioritizing your day is the key to a successful one.

It is particularly apparent if you are trying to organize your studying around all of the other parts of your life. For example, a college student who is taking five college classes, working 20 hours per week, studying, and trying to have a social life needs to manage their time to fit all their plans into one week. Once this is accomplished, when the college student begins a full time job, they will have no problems with multi-tasking and taking on more than one job at a time.

Organizational skills are also part of time management. Why do you think PDA's have made such a strong push into the market, because we all need to schedule our days. It is difficult to remember everything which needs to be done every single day without the help of a paper book planner or electronic planner. In the process of time management, planners which are listed by each day and time are the best in helping a student learn how to manage their own time.

When it comes to studying, keeping track of your time is an important factor. For example, if you have four research papers due in the same week, managing your time to complete them is a very important aspect of time management. Decide which paper you want to begin with and section out your time so you are not cramming the night before to complete all the papers.

An easy trap to fall into is to study for subjects that you prefer because they interest you more, even though the other less interesting subjects have deadlines looming for exams, papers, and projects. Don't fall into this trap! Start with what is most important and work your way through all the assignments. Think about it: if you were building a house, and you really only liked to paint and lay carpet, is that what you would do first? No, the house first needs a foundation, walls, insulation, and all the dirty. The hard work always comes before the more enjoyable parts.

Time management is a critical skill when it comes to studying. Prioritizing and organizing also need to be followed as well. For instance, if you are writing a paper, and you have only completed half of the necessary research and writing, do you think it's a good time to start editing and playing around with fonts and formatting?

Time is a valuable resource when it comes to studying and completing assignments. Learning the skills to help with scheduling time will benefit you in the future. No one likes to study, but it has to be done so why not approach it with a positive attitude.

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