Giving Change

Giving Change Money Interactive Game

Use the following interactive game to help practice giving or making change. Students act as the cashier and must give the proper amount of change for the given money amount


Giving Change

Giving Change



Click the image or link above to play the Giving Change interactive game. On the first screen, students will choose to play either an easy or difficult game.

The easy game uses smaller amounts of money.

Money is moved to the box or table by clicking on the mouse and dragging it or using a touch screen device. Once the money has been moved, the "check" button should be pressed.

If the amount is correct, the student will be notified. If not, the student will continue until the correct amount has been placed in the box. The game continues until 10 amounts have been completed successfully. A score is given upon completion based on the student's answers during the game.


Grade Levels

All grades. Middle and High School Special Education. Cashier training.


Money Used

Dollar. Five. Ten. Twenty. Quarters. Dimes. Nickels. Pennies.



Computer with a modern web browser, such as the latest version of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. May also be run on Apple Ipad, tablets, phones, etc.


Game Levels

The easy game uses smaller amounts of money and simpler change amounts. The difficult game uses a larger amount of money and all types of change amounts.






Making Change with Bills and Coins

Practice counting change with coins and bills. This worksheet lesson simulates the real life experience of carrying money and determining how much money to give when spending money, and then how much change you should get in return. Also, you may use coins with amounts written on the coin, coin names, the back of coins, or Canadian coins. Learn to make change for a dollar and count back money.



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