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Are More Coins More?

This teaches an important but critical concept for anyone

learning about counting coins:   that having more coins does not

mean that you have more money.


Instructions:  the students should write both the amount of

money AND the number of coins for both column A and column B

for each of the questions. 


Next ask the students to place a circle around the amount for

the coins that are worth more (for choice A or B).  Also have them

circle the larger coin number.  Finally, ask them to circle both the amount

and the number of coins if a set of coins is worth more AND has fewer

coins than the other set.


Since these worksheets are random, you may want to "refresh"

them a few times to get the worksheet that you like (with

a good mix of coins that are fewer but worth more).




* Are More Coins More? (pennies and nickels)



* Are More Coins More? (nickels and dimes)


* Are More Coins More? (dimes and quarters)





* Are More Coins More? (all coins)









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