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Welcome to our page dedicated to teaching the essential skill of saving money. As educators, we understand the importance of equipping our students with the knowledge and tools to build a solid financial foundation. That's why we have created an extensive collection of resources specifically designed to help teachers like you deliver engaging personal finance and saving money lessons.

Within our site, you will find a wealth of educational materials, including lesson plans, interactive worksheets, captivating educational videos, and informative articles. Our aim is to provide you with a diverse range of resources that cater to different learning styles and facilitate effective instruction on the topic of saving money.

Our lesson plans and worksheets have been thoughtfully developed to guide your students through the principles and practices of saving money. These resources are not only comprehensive but also highly adaptable, allowing you to customize them to suit your classroom needs or individual study requirements. To enhance the learning experience, we offer a variety of educational videos that bring saving money concepts to life. Through engaging animations and clear explanations, these videos simplify complex ideas and captivate learners, making the learning process both enjoyable and effective.

In addition to lesson plans and videos, we provide informative articles that offer in-depth analysis and expert insights on various aspects of saving money. These articles serve as valuable resources for teachers seeking to broaden their knowledge and explore advanced topics related to financial literacy. By instilling the habit of saving money, we empower individuals and families to achieve financial security and work towards their long-term goals. Developing good saving habits and understanding the trade-offs involved in financial decision-making are essential steps on the path to financial well-being.

Browse through our collection of lessons on saving money and discover a range of engaging topics that cover the fundamentals of personal finance. Whether you're teaching in a classroom setting or guiding independent study, our resources will support you in equipping your students with the skills and mindset needed to make informed financial choices.

Also, see our Banking and Savings Accounts category to learn about bank savings accounts and other related material and our Budgeting Lessons category to learn about budgeting and creating a plan for saving money.

Understanding Saving Money


Saving is when you are not spending all the money that you have that you have earned. It is the process of putting aside money for future uses, and not spending it immediately. When you are saving, you are accumulating your money in bank deposits and other places to save your money.

Saving is important because it can help a person or family become financially secure. Saving money is a good habit to develop on a daily basis. Savings goals will be easier to achieve if you understand what you are willing to give up in order to save money. To reach your financial goals, try to limit your spending, and focus on saving.

Use the following lessons to help teach and learn saving basics:

Saving Money Lessons and Worksheets



Saving Money

An introduction to saving money. Students learn reasons why they should save money, and how to save.



What is Saving?

A video lesson introducing students to saving, why we should save, and how to get started.




Personal Savings: Saving Money

Students learn about setting personal savings goals for the things they really want. Also, why using a bank account is a good way to help save money.




Understanding your Money Habits

In this lesson, students learn to understand and identify what are their money habits. Every money decision you make either reinforces good or bad money habits. The first step toward saving money and creating good money habits is to first identify the money habits you currently have.



Saving Money when you are Broke Lesson

In this lesson, students will learn eight important steps for saving money. They will learn how to save money by assessing their financial situation, creating a budget, cutting expenses, prioritizing paying off high-interest debt, building an emergency fund, looking for additional income sources, automating their savings, and staying committed and accountable to their goals.




Saving for Freckles

A children's story about spending and saving money and using it wisely. Includes reading comprehension worksheet.




Emergency Savings Fund. How much Emergency Money should I save?

Learn how much to save for your emergency fund. Emergency savings are designed to cover unexpected expenses or financial emergencies. You can use emergency savings to help pay unexpected bills, small or large, that are not included in your monthly spending and expenses.



Saving for Retirement

An introductory lesson on saving for retirement and retirement planning.  Students learn fundamentals related to saving for retirement and investing including rates of savings.



Saving Money over Spending this Season

Students learn about financial prudence and budgeting during the holiday season. It highlights how higher interest rates make saving more beneficial and warns against the extra costs of using credit. The guide includes strategies for a financial review, advocating for a thorough review of past spending and creating a realistic budget that encompasses all expenses. Ultimately, it encourages students to embrace the spending responsibly, ensuring celebrations don’t derail their financial goals.





The simple way to Build Wealth

A short video lesson. A simple strategy to build wealth, by understanding earning, spending, saving, and investing money. A basic techniques for beginners. Spend less, avoid debt, and achieve your financial goals.

Saving and Investing: Getting Started

Students will learn the reasons for saving money.

Saving and Investing Tools
Students will learn about different ways to save and invest.




Saving Money Informational Resources
Most of us wish we could save more money, but how do we do it, and how do we get started?




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