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Information and resources on life and culture, including food and cooking tips, family information, entertaining advice, safety, education, and other related resources.

These resources are for informational and educational purposes.






Success at Homeschooling

It is possible to have success at homeschooling if you follow a few simple rules.


Learning to Read

Methods to help teach your child to learn to read.


The Importance of a Musical Education in the Life of your Child

Learn the benefits and importance of a musical education.


Educating your Highly Gifted Child

Children who are extremely intelligent require education that fits the way they think and feel.


Learning Styles and Their Implication for Teachers

Recognition by educators that the teaching-learning process must be seen as a single transaction.


Dealing with Dyslexia

Information on dealing with dyslexia and learning to read.


Academic Achievement and the Concept of Success

We have lost a sense of proportion, and our attitudes towards intelligence and success have become somewhat distorted.


The Issue of Innumeracy in America

Issues of numeracy in America.


The Irrelevancy of Pragmatic Values in Intellectual Development

Pragmatic values and intellectual development.


High School Dropouts and Societal Values

The issue of high school dropouts.


Formal Education and Its Place in Society

Few people would question the need for a formal education system that is accessible for everyone.


Class Size and Its Relevance to Effective Teaching

Information on class size and effective teaching.


The Different Objectives of University and College Education

Does a university degree program provides a better level of training and qualification than a regular, practicum-based college course?


Are Online College Degrees Worth the Time and Effort?

Whether degrees obtained online have the same value as those obtained through a normal three-year or four-year college course.


How to Relax and Enjoy Parenting
Parenting techniques and tips.


The Awkward Stage of Tweens

Learn about the awkward stage of tweens.


Coping with Divorce

If you are going through a divorce, here is some help to make it easier for yourself.


Single Life:  How is it?

Single life -- a life unattached.  How to cope, and information on relationships.


Dealing with your Problem Teen

Advice on dealing with teens.


Spending Quality Time with the Family

Set priorities and learn to spend quality time with your family.


Quality Time with your Children

Are you spending enough quality time with your children? Some of life's greatest lessons come from children.


Keeping a Marriage Strong and Healthy

A strong and healthy marriage is hard work.  Here is some advice to help.


Raising Happy and Confident Children

Some advice for raising happy and confident children.


Taking Control of Clutter

Clearing clutter it can seem like an insurmountable task.


Teaching Manners to Children

Children may be growing up in a world with new challenges and new conveniences, but there will always be a need for good manners.


Boys are Different

We have all known it instinctively and we all experienced it at school but then you grow up and become a parent.


Keep the Clutter Away

How do you get the clutter out of your house and keep your sanity?


Pasta Dishes
Advice onsome enjoyable pasta dishes and recipes.


Creating the Perfect Table: How to Set and Style like a Pro
Learn about proper table setting.


Table Setting: The Art of Napkin Folding
Common napkin folding techniques.


Serving in Style: How to Choose the Correct Glassware
Help with selecting the right glassware for your table or bar.


How to Cook the Ultimate BBQ

To make the most of your BBQ entertaining, learning the basics of BBQ grilling and how to tie everything together is key.


How to Fashion Delectable Desserts

For some people, the best part of any meal is the dessert.


Feeding Picky Eaters

There are a few tricks to making meal planning easier while pleasing every taste bud at your table.


Quick Dinner

Quick dinner ideas.


Discovering your Palate
Basic introduction to wine.


Buying Wine on the Internet
Tips on buying wine and spirits on the internet.


Basic Food and Wine Pairing
First learn a few simple concepts for pairing food and wine, and then let your imagination introduce you to new tastes and sensations.


Wine Storage and Accessories
Proper wine storage tips. Enjoying wine doesn’t need to be a complicated pastime but having the rightwine accessories can be helpful.


New World vs. Old World Wine
Learn about the differences between old world wine and new world wine.


The Importance of Glassware
The glass you choose to drink wine has a large impact on how the wine tastes.


Understanding European Wine Labels
Learn about European wine.


Wine Buying Strategies
Things to keep in mind when buying wine.Become your own sommelier.


Wine Critics and their Grading Systems
A useful tool for discussing wine is a grading system.


The Wines of California

The pride of American wine production, California is a dynamic, ever changing area.


The Wines of France

France as a whole is considered the preeminent wine producing country in the world.


The Wines of Italy

It is impossible to characterize the general nature of the wine produced within the borders of Italy.


The Wines of Germany

Since the time of the Romans, Germany has been producing wine.


The Wines of Australia: An Overview

Although Australia has been producing wine since European colonization, only in the past twenty years or so has the industry had a major international impact.



Icebreakers: How to Get Your Party Going

Party icebreaker ideas and games.



Building a Team for Elder Care
Consider building a team of support people who can lend their help in caring for your elder.

Independent Living:  Finding help for Everyday Tasks

If you are dealing with illness, or just not able to do what you once did, then there are ways you can get help. If you have a frail or ill parent who lives alone, you may be interested in learning about personal emergency response systems.


Travel for Free or Almost Free
Free travel guide information.


Travel Documents
Learn about documents you may need for travel.


Stay Safe while Traveling
Travel safety tips and information.
Following these few simple tips will help make your travels abroad that much easier and enjoyable.


Traveling on a Budget
Traveling on a budget is simple and enjoyable if you know what you need to do to save money.


Tips for Backpacking Travel through Europe

Here are a few tips for backpacking travel through Europe that every young adventurer should know.


Traveling in Groups

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of group travel, including discounts and planning tips. Traveling with children can be difficult if you are not prepared for the trip. Tips for traveling with your pet.


Disneyland on a Budget

Information on a Disneyland vacation on a budget.


Exploring the Wild West

The western United States has a lot to offer vacationers.


Top Family Vacation Spots

There are many wonderful vacation spots for families in the United States.


Travel to the Oregon Coast

Travel information on the Oregon Coast.


Florida Vacations

Florida vacation ideas. For many people, a Florida getaway offers a little slice of paradise.


How to Travel with Kids

Traveling with children can be an adventure in itself if you do not prepare for the long drive.


Visiting Yellowstone

When one thinks about visiting a National Park in the United States, Yellowstone National Park inevitably comes to mind.


How to Find Cheap Air Fares

When deciding where to go on your vacation, one of the main things you must budget for is the cost of the return air travel to and from your intended destination.


Experience the Old West on a Dude Ranch Vacation

Spending time on a working dude ranch can be fun and invigorating, and provide peace of mind in the midst of a hectic life.


Booking Vacations Online

Web based travel agencies have been around for several years, but many would-be users are still hesitant to take advantage of the bargains.


Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Learn some tips on fire safety and prevention. The importance of being prepared for an emergency or disaster.


What to do in the Event of a Tornado

Steps to take in the event of a tornado.


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Learn about carbon monoxide poisoning, symptoms, and signs.


Baby-Proofing your Home

Ensure your home is safe and baby-proof.


Stranger Awareness

Stranger safety for parking, walking, and at home.


Seatbelt Laws Save Lives

Seatbelts help save lives.


Do Not Be An Easy Target For Crime

Some simple tips to help you from being an easy target of crime.


Your Kids and Stranger Danger

It goes without saying that one of the most important things for your kids to learn about is stranger danger.



Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding
Whether you are planning a large wedding or a very small one, there is no need to go to great expense to celebrate the happiest day of your life.


Why Hire a Wedding Coordinator?
Learn about wedding coordinators.


Theme Weddings



Dancing 101

Why do people want to dance?


Popular Types of Dance

With hundreds of types to choose from, it is certainly hard to decide what dance you’d love to try, learn or master.


Scrapbooking with Young Children

Information on scrapbooking with children.


Make Money from your Scrapbooking Stash

Information on making money with scrapbooking.


Etiquette as a Societal Value

Information on etiquette and society.


Container Gardens

Information on container gardens.


Feeding the Birds

Feeding the birds is a great year round activity suitable for any aged person. 







Cooking with Recipes Lesson

A lesson on cooking with recipes and learning how to convert servings.


Other Consumer math lessons
Worksheets and Lessons on consumer math. Students practice their spending money skills by using these spending money worksheets and lessons. Learn consumer math skills.


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