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Protect your assets and your family from life's uncertainties with a suitable insurance plan.



You are always at risk of loosing the things you have.  Insurance provides financial protection for these unforeseen risks for you and your family.


How much and what type of insurance do you need?  A simple answer is that you need enough to cover the loss of the item you wish to insure, or to cover your family in case you were no longer able to support them.  While insurance can't fix the emotional loss, it can provide financial assistance.


Here you will find useful insurance information, advice, and tips, to help you with your own insurance needs. Along with information about insurance, we have included teaching lessons to help teach and learn important insurance principles.










Insurance Basics: What Can Be Covered?

Most people do not give sufficient thought to the consequences of a sudden accident, loss of health, or natural disaster that could happen to anyone at any time.


Who Should Buy Comprehensive Insurance?

Insurance can be obtained on many potential losses, and premiums can be calculated for each one individually.



An Overview of Permanent Health Insurance Coverage
Permanent health insurance provides you and your family with peace of mind and protection, providing access to an array of health services.  Here is an overview of what permanent health insurance provides.


Be your Own Best Friend when Buying Health Insurance
Whether you are self-employed, lost a job, got divorced, or otherwise, you are likely to be in the market for health insurance.  Here is some advice for shopping for health insurance, including for the self-employed.


Types of Family Health Insurance
Information on the basic types of family health insurance.
Learn about temporary health insurance, which is available to those looking for health insurance for a short period of time.


Which Benefit Plan is Right for Me?
Learn the basics on companies employee health benefit plans.


Health Savings Accounts an Affordable Option
Learn how to help control rising health care costs by using a high-deductible insurance with a Health Savings Account, or HSA.


Group Health Insurance and Small Businesses

Information on group health insurance for small businesses.


Buying Short Term Health Insurance

If you cannot afford the more traditional, comprehensive health coverage on the market then you might want to consider buying short-term health insurance.





Choosing the Right Level of Auto Insurance
Learn about the different types of auto insurance coverage, and what types of insurance you may need for your car.


Different Types of Auto Insurance
Information on the different types of auto insurance policies available.




An Overview of Life Insurance
We don't know what the future may bring.  Here is an overview and information on life insurance. Life insurance provides protection for loved ones, and provides protection for such things as home mortgage payments.


Borrowing against Life Insurance

If you do have enough equity in your life insurance policy, you may be able to use it as collateral for a loan.




The Importance of Homeowner Insurance Coverage
Your home and property are at risk from dangers beyond your control.  You can help eliminate these financial risks with homeowner insurance coverage.
A home contents insurance policy insures against the contents of your home being damaged, lost, or stolen.


Home Building Insurance
Learn about home building insurance, which provides protection against the cost of repairing or rebuilding the structure of your home in case of fire, water, flood, storm, or other damage.


Understanding Private Mortgage Insurance
Learn about PMI, or private mortgage insurance for a home loan.


Title Insurance: Protecting Your Real Estate Investment

What about losses from claims made against your ownership? Title insurance protects against these risks.


Is your Homeowners Insurance Adequate?

When disaster strikes, homeowners too frequently receive nasty surprises when they discover that they are not covered.




Information on Annuities - How Annuities Work for You

An annuity may be compared to an insurance policy.  Here is information on annuities to see if they fit your personal financial plan.





Travel Insurance Information

Information on travel insurance for vacation, holiday, or business.




Types of Dental Insurance

Learn about the different types of dental insurance plans available, and why you should consider this type of insurance.





Pet Insurance

Learn about insurance for your pet.




Strategies to Cutting Insurance Costs

Here are some tips to help cut and lower your insurance costs. If you are looking to reduce the cost of your existing insurance, or are looking to get cheaper insurance, then going online could be the answer. If you do happen to have a bad credit history, here are some ways how can you get away from these higher insurance rates.


How to Save Money when Buying Insurance

Tips to help save money when buying insurance.





Teaching Insurance Lessons

Teach and learn about basic insurance policy types, concepts, and principles.  Students will learn about the importance of having insurance and how it fits into their personal financial planning.









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