Child Safety:
Your Kids and Stranger Danger

It goes without saying that one of the most important things for your kids to learn about is "Stranger Danger." One problem that many parents run into when they attempt to teach their children about the dangers of strangers, is how to adequately educate them about the dangers that children must beware of. Sadly, being wary of strangers only covers part of the problem, not always is the person that hurts a child someone that they do not know. "Stranger Danger" really is not an accurate description of the very real danger facing our children.

Another phenomena that is being seeing more and more frequently is that of a child being abducted right from the safety and security of their own home, possibly even while the rest of the family sleeps. So how do we adequately protect our children when the dangers literally lurk behind every corner?

The best place to start is with some very basic concepts. Teach your children not only not to talk to strangers or to accept anything from a stranger, but to tell you if another person is not conducting themselves properly in your child's presence. Teach your child what is okay behavior and what is not. A child will not automatically know these things; spending some time to gently teach your children the difference between right and wrong touching, and conversation, will give them the tools necessary to know if they are in some kind of danger.

All it takes is to pay attention to the news to realize that the child predators of today are coming up with ever more sophisticated means of abducting children. This is likely due to the Stranger Danger education that children are receiving at a young age, so out of necessity predators are having to change their tactics.

It is still essential to teach your children about the Stranger Danger basics, such as do not talk to strangers, never go anywhere with a stranger, and never accept anything from someone you do not know without your parent's permission. Go into detail with your children, telling them every possible scenario  you can think of such as, a stranger may offer them candy, ask them to help them find a puppy, tell them that their parents or a brother or sister has been hurt and they have been sent to get them. Make sure that your child understands that whatever scenario comes up, they are not to believe it unless the person knows the secret password.

The secret password is an important element of protecting your children from danger because once in a while something may come up where someone else may have to pick up your children. You and your child should pick out a secret password that anyone who has been sent to get them will know. Tell your child never to go with someone who doesn't know the secret password, even if they are acquainted with that person. This also goes for a policeman, or someone other emergency personnel. It is not unheard of for a child predator to use the tactic of impersonating a police officer to gain the confidence of their victims.

It is important for your child to know the importance of making noise as well. Tell them to kick, scream and make as much noise as possible if someone tries to grab them, no matter if it is in a crowded shopping mall, or a neighborhood street. The attention this will draw could go a long way in thwarting an attempted abduction.

For the increasingly frequent home invasion abductions, the best way to keep your child safe is to secure your home. At night make it a habit to check every window and door to ensure that it is locked and secure, and during the day do not have an abundance of open doors and windows. It is nearly as easy for a predator to enter your home in the daytime as it is at night if you are not expecting it.

Be observant, if you notice anyone in the area that appears suspicious or who may be watching your home or children, notify the police immediately. Having a dog in your yard or home who may be able to let you know if there is someone lurking around your home at night is also an invaluable investment, and for extra protection, a security alarm system will send help to you right away if someone enters your home at night.

It is sad that we must go to such lengths to protect or children, but extremely necessary in the society we live in today.

Information is for educational and informational purposes only and is not be interpreted as financial or legal advice. This does not represent a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any security. Please consult your financial advisor.