Dancing 101

You either love it or hate it. You could bring it on or end up getting served; whatever the case may be, only a few can say that nothing in their lives have forced them to wear their dancing shoes one time or another. It could have been prom night, cheerleading practice, your best friend's wedding day, a required presentation at your work place or even a simple night out…But unless you're a hermit, dancing is now something you can't escape throughout your existence so as the saying goes, if you can't beat them, join them…

The Point of Getting Jiggy

Why do people want to dance? Why do professionals insist on the need for dancing? These are just some of the questions that no doubt bother those untouched by the Footloose magic. Yes, it's fun to do and it's a great way to stay fit but what else reason is there? And since thy wish is my command:

Dancing, How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

Dancing is breathing -- For some individuals, the art of dancing to them is as essential as breathing. These people were born to dance. Although not all of them become professional dancers at the end, they still seek to practice their skills wherever and whenever they can.

Form of Self-Expression -- That is one of the definitions of dancing, by and by. Dance lovers find this particular art form therapeutic because it gives them the freedom to express their emotions. Some people prefer to do this alone while others choose to do so within a group.

Interaction -- Dancing is a great way to meet people and improve your social calendar. Whether it's the popular club downtown or just a dance workshop in your gym, you're sure to gain new friends (and prospective partners!) and with similar interests to boot!

Sexy Says It All -- You can't argue with reality. Terpsichorean skills can certainly wow the other gender. Blame it on the hormones but there's just something about good body movement that makes us ignore extra body fat and concentrate on how good they groove on the dance floor. Think Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly. No matter how old they were in their latter movies, don't they still exude irresistible charm?

Legal PDA -- Yeah, Ms. Manners say public displays of affection isn't the polite thing to do (and I should probably drop the yeah for yes, too) but when it comes to dancing, the sky's the limit. Dancing, as mentioned, provides you freedom of expression so if you want to snuggle close to your honey-bunny till you don't know where one begins and the other ends, go right ahead. It's all excused.

Confidence Exercise -- Uh-huh. It's a skill that can help you gain confidence so don't you go comparing it with cross stitching or gardening. More often than not, dancing involves having an audience and to perform well, you then need a modicum of confidence at the very least. For the shy and the inhibited, joining a dance workshop may be the better (and more pleasurable, no doubt!) alternative to enlisting in a two hour long, Ho-Hum-How-to-Gain-Self-Esteem-seminar.

Convinced now? Then what are you waiting for?! Whatever reason you have, you need not disclose it to us; all's that important is for you to pole-dance your way to your goal! Go get them, tiger…or tigress, for that matter.

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