Keep the Clutter Away

Spring cleaning is around the corner but the piles of clutter are toppling over now.  How do you get the clutter out and keep your sanity?  There are many tips and tricks which you can do whether you live alone or in a house full of children.  They can also be trained to combat the battle of clutter at an early age.

Clutter Buster #1 -- Mail

You come in from work and drop the mail pile on the kitchen counter.  It piles up day after day.  You pull out the important stuff but leave the rest sitting there.   Pretty soon the pile has become a monster and you fear facing it.  There is an easy way to overpower him.

Do not put the mail down until it is sorted.  Make a stack of bills and important letters and a pile for maybe stuff.  Maybe "stuff" are letters you may reply to, coupons and flyers you might want to follow up on.  Any junk mail or items you don't want, throw away immediately.  Make a space in the drawer or box to place the bills in immediately.  Keep a separate folder for maybe stuff.  When the maybe folder becomes thick, sort it out again for expired coupons, flyers or items you are no longer interested in.

Clutter Buster #2

You have your hands full, the counter is covered and so is the table.  Where do you put your load?  The only empty surface in the kitchen -- the top of the fridge.  Once "stuff" starts to pile up, it is easy to continue the trend.  Before long, an avalanche occurs every time you reach for the frozen vegetables.

Do not allow anything to be placed upon the refrigerator.  Think of it as a sacred zone.  It must be of utmost importance or be very valuable to get placed on top of the refrigerator.  If something is put up there, make sure it is temporary.  Put it away in its desired location ASAP to keep the trend from continuing.

Clutter Buster #3

You've had a long day of work and want to change into some comfortable clothes.  You take them off and drop them in their place.  You were tired yesterday too, so there is a pile where you stood yesterday.  And the day before.  Next thing you know your whole wardrobe is lying crumpled on the floor.

Do not place any clothing on the floor, a chair or doorknob.  Spend the extra seconds and rehang it or put in a dirty clothes hamper.  When it is time to actually do the laundry, you aren't wasting time sorting what is actually clean and dirty before you sort your loads.

Clutter Buster #4

The front closet is full to the seams.  Coats from years past call at you for release, but you keep them prisoner hoping they come back in style soon.  If you just lose that last 10 pounds it may fit again!  Sports equipment, purses, winter boots, kids coats, shoes…the list goes on and on.

Do not put anything else in the closet until something comes out.  Remove any coats you or a member of your family has not worn in two years.  Donate them to a charity or clothing drive.  Throw away or donate old shoes, work shoes and shoes that no longer fit.  Make a bin for winter hats, gloves and scarves so they don't fall all over and lose a partner during the warm months.  Don't stop sorting until you have room to place at least four guest's coats comfortably inside your closet.

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