Computer Software that will Enhance Your Business

Computer software has come a long way in the last two decades.  Now more than ever, businesses rely on software applications to correspond with prospective clients and conduct every day business tasks.  From Windows Media Player to PowerPoint presentations, no business is complete without the necessary software applications.

Start-up Software & Hardware

The basic computer comes with a windows application like Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.  Windows XP is the newest version and typically handles higher levels of software applications.  For instance, you can't install a program suitable for Windows 98 in a computer that operates with Windows XP and expect it to operate smoothly.

It's essential that your business has a computer system that can meet the needs of your clients.  For start-up businesses, a computer that has the following software applications and hardware is capable of keeping up with today's technology.

  • Windows XP
  • 60 GB Hard Drive
  • Pentium IIII
  • Speakers
  • Web Cam
  • Cable or DSL Connection
  • CD Rom/DVD/RW
  • USB Ports
  • Microsoft Office 2003
  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Norton Antivirus
  • Spy Sweeper
  • Outlook 2003
  • FrontPage 2003
  • WinZip 2000
  • PDF Converter
  • QuickBooks PRO or Peachtree 2005
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Windows Media Player
  • Photo Shop

Technology is evolving every day, so what is in today may be out tomorrow.  The average business owner upgrades his or her computer every 3 years.  A new computer system is purchased every 3-5 years.

Software that Aids

From the current list, Norton Antivirus and Spy Sweeper are the two most valuable software applications you could install on your computer.  Norton Antivirus protects your computer from Internet viruses, while Spy Sweeper stops pop up ads and cookies from hijacking valuable information.

QuickBooks Pro and Peachtree 2005 help manage your business accounts.  This user friendly software will walk you through the application with on screen tutorials and online support.  Recommended by CPA's across the USA, these applications will awe you in their performance.

WinZip 2000 helps you zip documents that are too large to send through email and open zip documents that are sent to you.  Adobe Acrobat is necessary to open PDF documents that are confidential.  The PDF format allows the end user to view the document but not alter it.  This protects the sender.  The PDF Converter software is also good if you are working with unprotect documents and wish to work with them in Word.

Microsoft Office 2003 consists of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher.  These software applications are necessary to write documents, build spreadsheets, create marketing material, and more.

Internet Explorer 6 helps you access the World Wide Web.  With a high speed access like cable or DSL, you can surf the Internet in a matter of minutes.  Most businesses run smoother if  they have high speed access.

FrontPage 2003 is a software application you can use to build a website.  You will still need a Host to launch the site.  Windows Media Player helps you to view flash presentations sent via the Internet.  You can also listen to audio/video cd's.

Computer software can help improve productivity and increase the number of services you can supply your client with.  Every business owner should evaluate the system they are currently running and determine if it meets the needs of their clients effectively.

Information is for educational and informational purposes only and is not be interpreted as financial or legal advice. This does not represent a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any security. Please consult your financial advisor.