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It's time to get serious about career, business, and work skills.


Here we provide helpful career, work, and business information, advice, and tips, to help you with your own career and work life.

Includes finding employment lessons including information on getting a job, including writing resumes, searching for a job, interviewing skills.  Once you get a job, we have information on business skills including writing business letters, and public speaking.

Along with learning about business and careers, we have included links to those interested in teaching these skills. Also, see our home page for more teaching information.










Writing Cover Letters that Land Interviews

The cover letter is where you let your potential employer know who you are in a more personal way.  Here are some tips and advice on writing successful and effective cover letters.


Resume Writing Tips

Some basic resume writing tips.


Posting your Resume Online

Posting your resume online makes your resume more widely available.  Here is some help to place your resume online.


Types of Resume Cover Letters

Learn about the different types of resume cover letters that you may write.


Different Types of Resumes

Learn about the three different types of resumes.





Job Searching -- Where to Begin?

Searching for a new job can be intimidating, especially if you have been employed for a long time.  Here is some advice on beginning your job search.


Pathways to Career Success through Volunteering

If you are looking for a new career, or want to learn more about a potential job, volunteering may be a good way to build job experience, while helping others.


Tip the Scales in your Favor with these Interview Tips

Here are some tips for improving your chances for success with your next job interview.


Key Interview Questions to Ask

Interviewing is not a one-way conversation.  An important part of the interview is the questions that you ask.


Going Beyond Classifieds: Informational Interviews

One of the most effective ways to find a new job is by the informational interview.


The Power of Thank-You Notes in Job Searches

The interview is over, but you still have a job to do.  Here is some information on the importance of sending thank-you notes after your job interview is over.


Jobs for Mature Workers

Advice for mature, older workers who may be interested in searching for a new job.


Interview Overview

Learn why we interview, and the different types of interviews you might expect.


Temping your way to Career Success

Information on temp jobs and why they may be right for you.


Interviewing for your Dream Job

Interview preparation information.


Preparing for an Interview as the Hiring Manager

What many people don't realize is that interviewers often dread the process nearly as much as those being interviewed.


The Different Types of Interviews

An overview of the different types of interviews.


Job Interview

Information and advice for teens interviewing.


Creating a Job Interview Folder

Improve your performance at an interview by first preparing a job interview folder.


Answering the Unexpected or Unrehearsed Interview Question

Be better prepared to answer unexpected interview questions.


Job Networking:  Schmoozing your Way to a Career

Networking is a great way to find a job.


Create a Jobseekers Calling Card

Create a job seekers calling card to help you find a job.


Preparing and Rehearsing for a Job Interview

Advice for preparing and rehearsing for a job interview.  Practice your interviewing skills.


Finding People who

Learn how to use networking to find people who can help you find a job.


Job Interviews May Include Tests, Surveys, or Assessments

Besides interview questions, tests, surveys, or assessments are some of the other things to possibly expect.


Facing a Job Interview without Fear

Everyone is nervous at a job interview.  Here are some techniques for facing a job interview without fear.


Teens: Finding Your First Job

Information for teenagers looking for their first job.


Focus for a Successful Teen Job Search:
Land the Job You Want

Perhaps the biggest mistake teens make when searching for a job is in not narrowing down their job search to begin with.


Successful Interviews

Most people find the job interview to be one of the most stressful situations they are likely to encounter.


Self-Confidence Boosts for Job-Searching Teens

The first step is having and maintaining a positive outlook when it comes to finding a job.


Interview Tips for your First Job Interview

Interviewing for a job doesn’t have to be that scary. Some thought and preparation go a long way in relieving your anxiousness over going for a job interview.






Career Planning Introduction

An introduction to career planning.  Learn about yourself, and what types of work may be best for you.


Applying Yourself

Learn about applying yourself to your future, work, and career.  Learn to become motivated, and take responsibility.


Thinking about the Future

Help to identify possible future careers for yourself by identifying your likes, dislikes, needs, and motivations.


So you want to be a Manager

Being a manager means managing people as well as projects and tasks and not everyone is up to the challenge.  Here is some advice to see if you should be a manager.


Career Assessment Tests: Do your Interest, Skills, and Aptitude match your Job Choice?

Learn about career assessment tests.


Careers in Business

Explore and learn about the different careers in business and the types of skills and duties involved.


Mapping your Life Path

Examine areas of your life, identify strengths and weaknesses, and achieve balance for a happy and fulfilling life.


Working your First Job: How to Impress your Employer

Tips for working at your new job.


Profession and Career Survey

Profession and career is where we spend a full third part of our life. 




Introduction: Finding a Career Choice that is Perfect for You

We all want to wake up and go to a job we enjoy and leave looking forward to coming back the next day.


What is Work and why is it Important?

Why is it that we work? The reason is not just to earn money.


The Need for Creative Self Expression

You are here to create what was not here before in some form or fashion.


Your Personal Work History

Information on your personal work history and career choice.


Your Skills and Talents

Whatever right livelihood is for you it should somehow match your existing skills and talents.


Problems into Opportunities

The key to right livelihood is to find a passion.


Making a Contribution to Society

Aspire to be a contributor to society.



What is service and why is it important?


Exploration Steps

Exploration is not only a key them for finding the right work for you but is also a key them for the purpose of any worthwhile endeavor.


Choosing your Environment

An important consideration in choosing your life work is to choose an environment you are most comfortable with.


Soulful Work

If there is not an element of play in your work then you need to think more about your approach to it.


Integrity: Work is Something you Deeply Care About

In order to find your right livelihood you have to learn how to make the work you are doing now right.


Finding a Mentor

The best thing you can do is find a mentor and do your best to emulate what they have done.


Choosing the Right Career

The most important factor in choosing the right career is exploration.





I Want to Start My Own Business... or Do I?

Here are some questions to first ask yourself to see if you are ready to start your own business.


Tips on Starting a Home Business

So you want to start your own home based business?  Here are some tips and advice to help you get started.


Money Making Ideas that Help You Make Ends Meet

Here are some ideas for helping you make a little extra money.


Choosing the Home Business that's Best for You

Tips for choosing the home based business that is best for you.


Writing a Home Business Plan

It's always a good idea to write a business plan before starting a new business.  Here are some quick tips to help.


Running a Home Based Business

A home based business can be a great way to earn extra money without the stress and burden of working for a company.  However, there are some rules you should follow to help make your home business a success.


Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Promote your Small Business

Ways to inexpensively promote your small business, or home based business.


Advertising your Small Business on a Shoestring

Tips for inexpensive, effective advertising for your small business using direct mail marketing.


How Do I Work With a Consultant to Get the Best Results?

Advice on working with a consultant.


Finding the Best Partner for Your Small Business

Information on finding a partner for your small business.


Making Money with Online Auctions

Making money online, with sites such as EBay, is not only possible, but can also be profitable.


Starting Your Home-based Business Advice

Tips to help you get started with your home business.


Business Ideas for Teens

Fortunately teens do not have to be stuck in those same old teenage jobs anymore.


Make Money from your Scrapbooking Stash

Information on making money with scrapbooking.


Organizing the Small Business Office

Your business is growing constantly and the growth or expansion can put you on edge if you are not organized.

Simple Facts about Starting your Own Business

Careful planning and preparation can make the transition from conventional employment to self-employment less stressful and strenuous.





Introduction: The Importance of Public Speaking

No matter who your are or what job you do, there is a good chance you will have to make a speech in public.  Here is an introduction to public speaking.


Making Effective Presentations: Introduction

Learn the key to effective presentations.






Business Plan Writing and Information

Information and resources on writing business plans.  Learn about setting business goals, marketing, and strategies.





Sales and Marketing Information

Information and resources on business sales and marketing.  Training info, advice, and selling strategies.





Business Writing Introduction

An introduction to business writing.  Proper business writing sets the stage for a professional relationship.


Business Writing - Punctuation and Comma Usage

Learn proper punctuation and comma usage for business writing.


Business Writing - Other Punctuation

Tips on additional punctuation marks that are often incorrectly used in business writing.


Business Writing - Common Misused Words

Learn to avoid common misused words in business writing.





Accounting and Bookkeeping

Learn about accounting and bookkeeping.




Developing Good Listening Skills

Tips for developing better, effective listening skills.


Knowing What to Say and How to Say it

Improve your communication skills.


Communication Skills Lesson

Learn about the importance of communication skills and what you can do to improve your ability to communicate effectively.


Using Email Effectively as a Communication Tool

It is incredibly important to remember some key etiquette rules when sending and receiving email.


Speaking with Value

How you communicate and the words you use can have an important impact on the way people perceive you.


Communicating Effectively in the Workplace

Information on how to communicate effectively in the workplace.


Basic Telephone Skills

Learn basic business telephone skills including scheduling calls, appropriate greetings and endings, listening skills, and etiquette.


Solving Problems in Business (and life)

When we have a problem in business or life, we often rush to solve it.  Here is a process for solving problems in business.


Conducting Effective Meetings at Work

Information on conducting effective meetings at work.





Negotiating Skills - Purchasing and Sales Strategy

Not everyone is good at negotiating.  Here is some ideas to help you negotiate when buying something. When you are looking to sell something, it is important to have strong negotiation skills.






Coaching the Marginal Employee

Tips and information on employee motivation.


Employee Counseling Session Issue Resolution

Employee counseling can be one of the most difficult aspects of being a good manager.


Train that Staff…Then, Take the Day Off!

Information and advice on staff training.


Motivating your People

How to motivate your employees.


How to take Disciplinary Action

Information on steps for disciplining under-performing employees.


Effective Recruitment Techniques

Information on recruitment and staffing.

Gauging Employee Performance

Measuring performance is more about you, the supervisor, than it is about your employees.




Performance Reviews that Work

How to have effective employee job performance reviews.


Performance Management: Setting Performance Expectations

Learn about the importance of performance management and setting performance expectations.


Performance Expectations for your New Employee

How to set performance expectations for your new employee.


Coaching and Feedback for your Newest Employees

The next step of managing employee performance -- coaching and feedback.


Performance Management Strategies for Veteran Employees in New Roles

Managing performance of veteran employees in new roles.


Dealing with Problem Employees

How to deal with problem employees.


Performance Management When You Are Not In Charge

It actually is possible to manage the performance of others when you are not in charge.


Preparing for the Bad News

Handling bad news in the workplace.


Performance Management Over a 5-year Horizon

Managers often push back when asked to develop 5-year plans for some employees.


Performance Planning based on Attrition Analysis

Several trends make planning for attrition more critical than it has been in the past.


Planning for Performance Management: Where to Start?

If a few simple steps are followed, the performance review process can not only be easier, it can actually be a productive process both for you and your employees.





Loving the Job you Hate

You hate your job.  What can you do?


Workplace Competencies

Understanding workplace competencies can help support your success at work, whether you are looking for a new job, or hiring someone to work for you.


What a Life Coach can do for You

You can seek the guidance of a life coach to help you achieve your personal or professional goals.


Managing Up

Learn about how managing up can help your career.


My Boss doesn't like Me

What to do if you have trouble with your boss.


Adjusting to Change at Work

How to adjust to change in the workplace.


Sexual Harassment at Work

Information on dealing with sexual harassment.


Planning to be Away From Work

Learn about the Family and Medical Leave Act, and taking leave from work.


Our Company is about to be Sold!

More change in the business world means more sales, mergers, and acquisitions.  Here is how to survive if your company is about to be sold.


Getting the Raise

Tips on how to successfully get a raise.


Work Life Balance

Balancing work and life information and advice.


Workaholism is an Illness

The self-image element of workaholism is driven by the way society defines success.


Do You Need an Executive Coach?

There are a number of reasons for which to employ the services of an experienced, qualified executive coach.





Effective Time Management Skills -- Working from Home

Learn time management skills to work more effectively at home.


Effective Time Management Skills

Learn effective time management skills.





Managing a Diverse Workforce

To be successful in today's business environment, you need to know how to manage a diverse workforce.


Diversity at Work

Companies are embracing diversity as savvy business strategy.


How to be an Effective Mentor

How to be an effective mentor in business, or outside the workplace.


Managing Teams

Managing teams is not like managing a group of individuals.  Learn some tips on effectively managing teams.


Techniques of Great Business Coaches

Learn about business coaching, techniques, and advice.


Handling A Work-Place Crisis

Strategy and advice for handling a work-place crisis.


Employing Consultants in your Business

Information on hiring consultants for your business.


Pros and Cons to Hiring Associates

Hiring associates to assist you in business is a positive means to higher productivity.


Managing a Three-Girl Office

Managing takes patience, understanding, and coping skills. With more three-girls in the office, work is done timely and professionally.


The Importance of Network Groups

Network groups are a great way to meet new prospects, build business relationships, and market your products or services.


The Fundamental Elements of Good Leadership

No organization can succeed without good leadership.


Supervisory Skills for Beginners

The skills required for the supervision of employees, volunteers, or students are all quite similar, and, as they are so essential to the success of any group or organization, they need to be identified and well mastered.





The Business Environment of Organizations

To lead an organization efficiently we must know where our company is situated, what are the outside influences, and the inside ones.


Assessing Risk

Risk assessment and management allows companies to prepare better for the future.


Capital Restructuring

Just like renovating your house can make it more attractive, capital restructuring makes companies attractive to potential stakeholders, reduces costs, increases efficiency, increases EPS and gives better returns.


Ethical Issues in Finance

How do companies ensure ethical behavior?


Implementing Internal Controls

Internal controls are the set of procedures and policies designed to prevent errors and fraud and manipulation of the organization’s processes for personal gratification.


Mergers and Acquisitions

At the heart of any M&A initiative, there is a desire to gain a competitive advantage in the market.


Financials — To Report or not to Report

Financial reports have the potential to build or destroy companies, especially those, which are looking for investors in the financial markets.


Regulatory Compliance

Regulations have been a part of the corporate world for long, but, perhaps the emphasis on compliance has never been as great as today.


Organizing manufacture in Asia

For a number of decades now Asia has been associated with low manufacturing costs and sophisticated manufacturing capabilities.


Valuation of Intangible Assets

How does one quantify or capture the value of brand and other intangible assets?





What is Work-Place Culture and Why Do I Care?

Learn why it is important to understand workplace culture.





Business Ethics

One of the biggest issues facing corporations is business ethics.





Four Reasons to Consider a Community College Education

Reasons why you may want to consider a community college.





Communication Skills for Coping with Conflict

You are in the middle of a communication breakdown.  Here is some advice for coping with conflict.


Managing Conflict in the Workplace

With changing expectations, competing priorities, and growing interdependence of workers, opportunities for conflict in the work place abound.  Here is some advice for managing that conflict.


Conflict Resolution at Work

Strategies for managing conflict at work.


Handling Workplace Complaints

Information on handling and investigating workplace complaints.


Handling Conflict at Work

Conflict is everywhere. It is natural to disagree, and conflict often results from the interaction of people and groups with different values, perspectives and beliefs.


Team Building in Business

Team building in business is so easy to do and so easy to neglect, you’ll be stunned by the difference it makes.




Creating an Effective Press Release

Here are the basics on creating an effective press release.


Media Relations: Working with the Media

Getting information to the media involves remembering basics that will not only help how well you are received, but also keep you organized and help determine how the media responds.


Avoiding Overexposure

Presenting too much information can backfire.  Here is how to avoid overexposure.


Working with the Media: Cultivating Contacts

Getting your message out involves many factors.


Publicity Beyond the Media

There are many ways to get your message out, including advertisements, community events, promotional items, and more.


Conducting Successful Press Conferences and Marketing your Message

Conducting successful press conferences takes more than designating a time and place.

Your marketing message may be right on target, yet fall on deaf ears if your delivery is wrong.


Managing Crisis and Focusing on the Issues

Learn to deal with an unfortunate public relations scenario. Public relations professionals know they need to stay focused on the issues and the message to be successful.


Public Relations: Getting Media Coverage

How to get media coverage for your event.nIs your organization publicizing itself so the community likes you?


Success Dealing with the Media

How to have success dealing with the media. The media is always looking for news stories.  Use it as a way to promote yourself, your service, or product.





Why Retirees are going back to Work

Many retirees are finding that retirement means a return to the work force.  The new retirement.





Managing Daily Activities Effectively

Learn to better manage your daily life. Balancing your personal life and work. Information on combining your home business and family.





Taking Clues : An nnovative Approach to Goal Setting

Here are some steps that will move you out of the realm of dreaming into the realm of achieving your goals.





Achieving Success: Following your Dreams

What does it mean to live your potential? One of the most difficult things to do in life is to attain the focus required to achieve the success in some particular sphere of life – to rise above the crowd.




Great Health Careers with Two-Year Degree Programs

The need for health care workers is growing rapidly.  Here is information on health professions you may enter with a two-year degree.


Certification and Employment as a Paralegal

For students with interest in legal matters, many have found that the answer for them is to embark on a program that will lead to certification and employment as a paralegal or legal assistant.


High Tech Careers and How to Find Them

It is no longer adequate to decide to go into Information Technology. Today, to achieve success, you must specialize.


Jobs in Home Health Services

If you love working with people and are dedicated to helping people to live at home despite illness or disability, then you might be well suited for a job in home health services.





Becoming a Journalist

Learn about careers in journalism.


What a Reporter Does

Career information about the job of a news reporter.


Writing a News Article: Getting the Story Right

Getting the news story right is more important than completing a story quickly.


Preparing for the Story

A journalist needs to gather information before the meeting or press conference.


Writing an Effective News Story

Tips to help write a good, effective news story.


Avoiding Journalist Job Stress and Burnout: A Career Change

Learn about different positions journalists can pursue to keep their career exciting.





Law and Attorney Information

Information and resources on law, lawsuits, lawyers, and related information.




The Basics on Business Contracts

Business contracts are an important part of conducting business and even more important if your business operates online.




Choosing Small Business Software

Information on choosing computer software for your small business.


Computer Software that will Enhance Your Business

Basic business software information.


Computer Software to Avoid for your Business

Business software to avoid information.





Business Etiquette:  Mind your P's and Q's

You might do your job well, but to be successful, you will need to have good business etiquette.  Here is some advice and tips on proper etiquette for business.


How to run a Successful Business Meeting

Here are some tips for running a successful business meeting.


How to find the Right Consultant for your Business Project

Information on hiring a consultant for your small business.


Finding a Literary Agent

If you are an author, here are some tips on how to find a literary agent for publishing.


Why Design is so Important in Business

The importance of design in business.


How to be Efficient in Business

The importance of being efficient in business.


Is Everything Negotiable?

Negotiation and business.


Study Skills and Tips for Students

One of the biggest mistakes students can make as they make their way through middle and high school, and even in to college is they take try to do too many things at once.



Study Skills and Tips for Students

One of the biggest mistakes students can make as they make their way through middle and high school, and even in to college is they take try to do too many things at once.


Different Types of Environments for Studying

Deciding where to study can be just as important as how much or how hard you study.


Time Management and Studying

Time management is an important role for students of all ages.


The five-paragraph essay

The five paragraph essay is an important writing skill which is a necessity to be successful in school.



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