Online Checking Account Entering Transactions

Students use an online checking account simulation to enter checking transactions and practice introductory skills necessary for online banking.

Teaching Objectives

  • Students will be able to sign into an online bank.
  • Students will be able to enter online checking account transactions.

Suggested Grade Level

4th – 12th Grade. Adult education.

Lesson Instructions

Print out the lesson worksheet. The worksheet includes instructions for signing into an online checking account and includes questions to be answered by the student for entering transactions into an online bank simulation. Students should follow the the instructions on the worksheet. Internet access and access to a modern web browser are necessary to access the online bank simulator.

Review the following terminology with students:

  • Opening Balance
  • Checking Account
  • Bank Account
  • Withdrawal
  • Deposit
  • Credit
  • Debit
  • Account Balance


Lesson Worksheet

Each time you click on the link below, a new random worksheet will be created. Each student in your class may use a copy of the same worksheet. Each time the student signs into the online bank, a new session is created. To generate a new worksheet, simply click the link again.

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