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Information and resources on sales and marketing. Sales management, training advice, selling techniques, strategies, and customer service.








Sales Prospecting and Cold Calling

Prospecting target companies is where the sale begins.  Here are some techniques and tips for sales prospecting, and cold calling preparation.


Effective Phone Selling Tips

A few tips to ensure your phone sales presence is strong and effective.


Learning How to Recognize and Overcome Basic Objections

During the sales cycle, you will face objections.  Here are some basic objections and how to overcome and deal with them.


Sales Closing - Closing Throughout the Sales Cycle Process using different Types of Closes

Most potential buyers, or sales prospects, will say no to your sales offer.  However, there are techniques you may use to help close a higher percentage of these potential sales.


Key Account Management - Selling Strategically using SPIN

It is important to use a proven sales methodology for marketing purposes.  Here is some information on a proven sales training program called SPIN.


Target Marketing - Understanding your Target Market

In sales or marketing, one of the most important things is to understand your target market.


Product Development

Product development involves research and analysis to help ensure your product will sell successfully.


Pricing Strategies

Determining how your products will be priced is critical to ensuring your customers will continue buying from your company.


Competitive Analysis - Recognizing and Understanding your Competition

In marketing or sales, you need to understand your competition, using competitive analysis.


Brand Management -- Developing your brand and making it stand out in the marketplace

Identifying and creating the right brand for your products or services is critical to the life of the brand.


Effective Sales Recruiting -- Finding Great Sales Professionals

Tips for finding great sales people.


Tips on How to Conduct a Sales Training Class

Here are some tips for conducting an effective sales training class.


Effective Sales Presentations

Some tips to help you deliver effective sales presentations.


Energizing your Sales Department

Tips for motivating your sales team.


Setting Expectations and Vision for Your New Sales Team

Setting expectations for your sales force. The key to driving continued sales from your new or revamped sales team.


Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

You will help buyers to choose you or your business if you have first considered your USP, or Unique Selling Proposition.


Selling Techniques

A successful selling technique is a complex blend of methodical approach and the application of psychology.





Improving Customer Service

The real measure of success in your business is whether or not your customer will come back and do repeat business.


Creating Raving Fans Customers

Information on customer satisfaction and creating life-long customers.


How to Measure Business Quality

Measuring business quality and improving customer satisfaction.


Proper Customer Care and Etiquette

Rules for proper customer care and etiquette. How to engage customers for a long-time.


Dealing with Angry Customers

How to deal with angry customers.


Excellence in Customer Service

How do you execute excellence in customer service? It is all about methodology and consistency.


Greeting Customers Effectively

When greeting a customer, you only have 5 seconds to make a good first impression.


How to Determine When a Customer Has a Real Problem

How do you know the difference between a real complaint and a fabricated one?


Proper Customer Service Phone Etiquette

Here are some tips on proper phone etiquette when working with your customers.


Making Things Right When Customers Have Been Wronged

If you are in a service-related position or in sales, here are some tips to help you diffuse angry or upset customers.



Training in a Classroom Setting

A few ways you can ensure your classroom training experience is the best for both you and your students.


How to Train One-on-One

Here are some tips to help you get started learning how to train individuals.


How to Deliver a Successful Training Course

Whether you just received an assignment from your boss to develop a training course, or you are a manager that wants to train your staff on specific skills, you may be wondering how to get started.



Introduction to Business Marketing

Students learn to explain and define various marketing terms and how they relate to the business world.


Selling Techniques Lesson

An introduction to effective selling strategies, techniques, and other business marketing skills.








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