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Information and resources on law, lawyers, lawsuits and related legal services.


These resources are for informational and educational purposes only, and are not intended to take the place of an attorney or legal counsel.


This information is not legal advice. Do not use this site as a substitute for legal advice and please consult directly with an attorney for any legal questions you may have.  Since the law changes frequently, the information may be incorrect on the date you read it, and may not apply to your particular situation.  Each situation depends on its own facts and the law may be different in each state and country.  Do not rely on information contained here without first obtaining advice from a licensed attorney.








When you Need to Hire an Attorney
Practical tips on finding a good lawyer.


Lawsuits - To Sue or Not to Sue?
You have experienced a situation where you think you should sue.  Should you file a lawsuit?  Here are some points to consider first.


The 7 Stages to a Lawsuit
Here are the 7 core stages to a lawsuit.


Knowing your Debt Relief Options in Law
If you are over your head in debt, b
efore filing personal bankruptcy, first understand what your debt relief options are.


The Pros and Cons of Making Yourself Bankrupt - Chapter 7
List of pros and cons as to why you may wish to consider chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings.


Knowing your Employment Rights
All employees have basic rights in the workplace, including a right to privacy, fair compensation, and a right from discrimination.


How to Minimize your Estate Tax
Here are some ways to help minimize what is known as the estate tax.  Information on estate tax exemptions.


10 Things to Consider with Living Wills
Here are some things to consider if you are deciding to make a living will document.


Collecting Evidence for a Lawsuit
While understanding the law is vital to any lawsuit, what is important is the measures you take to collect the facts for your case.


Meeting a Lawyer for the First Time

Here are some of the things you might expect at your first meeting, or consultation, with a lawyer. All lawyers have different fees.  Here are some tips to help.


Glossary of Basic Legal Terms

Glossary of basic legal terms from A to Z.


Basic Knowledge of the Legal System in the United States

Basic knowledge on how our legal system works.


Classification of Law

The different ways to classify laws.


The Benefits of Leaving a Will

Should you write a will?


The Structure of our Court System

Learn about the differences in our court systems.


Child Welfare Laws: Too much of a good Thing?

Learn about the child welfare laws.


The Beginnings of Jury Trials

The history of jury trials.


Procedural Law and How we got Here

Information and history on procedural law.


What is a Tort?

Tort law information.


The Job of a Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal defense attorney information.


The Birth of the US Constitution

Learn about law and the US Constitution.


How to Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney
Steps for choosing a bankruptcy attorney.


What is Evidence?
What is evidence and how it may be used.


What is Habeas Corpus?
Learn about the court action of Habeas Corpus.


What is Juvenile Delinquency?
History and information on juvenile delinquency.


Class Action Lawsuits

Class action law suits are civil claims brought by a large number of plaintiffs against one large defendant.


Tips on Saving Money on Legal Expenses

Learn about legal expenses and saving money on attorney fees.


What is Legal in Search and Seizure Law

The term search means; the invasion of a personís privacy for the purpose of collecting evidence for a criminal proceeding.


How the Criminal Justice System Punishes Todayís Juveniles

The juvenile court system is a bit different than adult court system, and changes are being made everyday.


A Start to Legal Procedures and Trials

Everything has to start somewhere, just like crime.


The Creation of Criminal Laws in the United States

In this United States, criminal laws are entirely a product of constitutional authority and the legislative bodies that enact them.


In the Beginning of Law

The history of law.


The Dawn of Science and Itís Explanation of Crime

The history of law and science.


Criminology and Itís Beginnings

The history of law and criminology.


Protecting Yourself From Lawsuit

Protecting yourself from lawsuit has become increasingly important.


How This Can Change Self Defense Into A Crime

It is a common belief that if you injure someone during the course of defending yourself that you are safe from prosecution. In reality, this is not the case.


Using and Obtaining Evidence

Evidence may be one of the most important things brought into a trial.


Certification and Employment as a Paralegal

For students with interest in legal matters, many have found that the answer for them is to embark on a program that will lead to certification and employment as a paralegal or legal assistant.


Imminent Domain and How This Law Can Affect Your Rights As US Citizens

Learn about the law of imminent domain.


Child Custody: The Best Interests of the Child?

Although legal systems vary around the world, when it comes to child custody, all nationalities appear to be more or less in agreement that the best interests of the child come first.



Certification and Employment as a Paralegal

For students with interest in legal matters, many have found that the answer for them is to embark on a program that will lead to certification and employment as a paralegal or legal assistant.



Introduction to Law

Learn to define and identify various law terminology and vocabulary.  Learn about law in our society.




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